Hydration on a Detox: The Key to Good Detoxification

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Water being poured into a glass.

You’ve probably heard people talk about the importance of hydration for health since water is such a large percentage of our body weight (55% for the average adult – equivalent to 10 gallons). Water can be thought of as an essential nutrient – just like carbohydrates, fats, and protein – that we need to get enough of for optimal health. It provides a variety of functions in the human body, such as regulating body temperature, lubricating joints, and dissolving minerals and other nutrients in the body.

But why is hydration particularly critical for detox?

Person filling up glass of water.One of the most important steps to a healthy, effective detox is hydration. Drinking plenty of water supports your body’s natural detoxification process, which is characterized by three steps: bioactivation, conjugation, and transport/elimination.

A few water functions are particularly important for detox:

  • Maintaining blood volume, supporting the transport of nutrients and oxygen throughout your body
  • Forming specialized fluids, such as saliva, tears, and bile
  • Supporting the kidneys and other organs in the removal of waste products from your body

Supporting the transport of nutrients and oxygen via blood volume is important because detox requires energy and nutritional support for optimal results. Also, specialized fluids like urine and bile are important for waste products and neutralized toxins to be eliminated in the urine and feces. [1],[2]


How much water should I drink on a detox or cleanse program?

Water needs vary depending on body size, physical activity, environmental conditions, and dietary intake, but a good benchmark for hydration is to aim for a goal of 2-3 liters or 8-12 glasses (8 oz. servings) of hydrating fluids per day.

Also note that your body needs extra water for exercise, so be sure to hydrate before, during, and after working out. Increase your daily water goal when you add in exercise.


Does my shake count toward water intake for the day?

Guy laughing holding shaker bottle and phone.If you’re taking part in our 10-day or 28-day SP Detox Balance Program or our 21-day SP Purification Program, yes, the water you add to your shake powder counts toward your daily intake. Check that box!

You can also “count” water from hydrating beverages like sparkling water or herbal tea (non-caffeinated during detox, preferably), as well as the water content in fruits and vegetables – which should be a large part of your dietary intake during detox anyway!


Can I drink anything other than water when I’m watered-out?

Woman putting lemons in pitcher of water.Drinking water is particularly helpful to your body during a detox, but it can feel like a lot and can get boring quickly. Here are some ways to take the edge off the boredom:

  • Add fruit to your water – we like lemon, lime, or berries for some added flavor without additional sugar
  • Add cucumbers – you’ll feel fancy, and it has a surprisingly refreshing taste
  • Try seltzer or sparkling water once or twice a day
  • Add in non-caffeinated or herbal hot or iced teas (unsweetened)
  • Warm your water up – rather than cold or room temperature, try drinking your water warm or hot.

The important thing is to increase hydrating liquids while you’re detoxing so your body can transport necessary nutrients and eliminate toxins. Anything you’re drinking should support that goal.


What liquids are counterproductive to detox?

Though alcoholic beverages may have a large percentage of water, alcohol actually increases urine output by inhibiting antidiuretic hormone, which can increase your chances of dehydration.

In addition, sugar-sweetened beverages contribute substantially to daily sugar intake. These should be avoided during detox (and minimized as part of a generally healthy diet).


I’m drinking lots of water, but my mouth is dry – what’s going on?

We know that this could be happening if you’re on our 10-day or 28-day SP Detox Balance Program. It includes an excellent detoxifying ingredient, Spanish black radish. It’s doing its job in helping to eliminate toxins very efficiently. As a result, it could also contribute to feeling extra dried out as you detox. Continue to add water in, and to replenish electrolytes, try adding a pinch of sea salt to the water, along with lemon, to help.

If you’re doing a different program other than ours, we recommend you consult with your health care practitioner for other suggestions.


Tips for remembering to drink more water

If intentional hydration is new for you, try carrying a water bottle around so you don’t forget to fill it up and drink it

Some ways to remember to drink enough water:

  • Get a large water bottle and calculate how many times you’ll need to fill and empty it each day
  • Put alarm on your phone
  • Put rubber bands on your wrist and remove one every time you drink the bottle

Hydrating your body with water is necessary while you support your body during detox, and an all-around healthy habit for regular life! With a few small adjustments, you’ll be well on your way to giving your body what it needs for a successful detoxification.

Learn more about nutritional support during detox! Download the detox recipe booklet.


[1] Boyer J. L. (2013). Bile formation and secretion. Comprehensive Physiology3(3), 1035–1078. https://doi.org/10.1002/cphy.c120027

[2] Murray, I., & Paolini, M. A. (2021). Histology, Kidney and Glomerulus. In StatPearls. StatPearls Publishing.



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