What are Whole Food Nutritional Supplements from Standard Process?

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Standard Process specializes in whole food-based supplements. Whole food-based supplements may include food ingredients, concentrates, and isolates; whole food ingredients derived from bovine, ovine, and porcine sources; botanicals; and synthetic ingredients added to protect the complexity and synergistic design of the formula.

There is no across-the-board definition for the terms “whole food supplement” or “nutritional supplement,” but in the case of Standard Process, we are committed to our whole food philosophy, and our health care practitioner partners rely on it to provide top-notch supplements to their patients.

We grow the great majority of the plant ingredients we use in our supplements on our very own certified organic farm. For the ingredients we don’t grow, we actively source the best-quality nutritional ingredients from around the world.


Why are whole food ingredients important?

Whole food ingredients are those complete foods that are prepared in a way that safeguards their nutritional value. On our product labels, there are many ingredients you recognize as foods. Some of these whole food ingredient sources are grown locally on our certified organic farm. They include alfalfa, barley grass, beets, Brussels sprouts, buckwheat, kale, kidney beans, oats, pea vine, and Spanish black radish. This allows us to control the quality of these ingredients from seed to soil to supplement.


What are whole food concentrates?

Whole food concentrates are processed parts of a whole food that contain two or more constituents of the original whole food. These concentrates are used when a beneficial concentration of nutrients cannot be obtained using a whole food ingredient. Some of our non-concentrated fish oils are a good example. Derived from whole fish, the non-concentrated triglyceride oil that makes up our final product allows patients to take advantage of the naturally occurring DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids.


What are whole food isolates?

Sometimes, foods do not contain sufficient quantities of specific nutrients to address certain health challenges. In this case, we use evidence-based food isolates to complement whole food ingredients for optimal nutritional support. Isolates like glucosamine are used in our products because they are well-researched and have strong evidence for efficacy. Isolates derived from whole food sources are combined with other ingredients to maximize efficacy.


What are specialized protein isolates and concentrates?

Specialized protein isolates and concentrates are whole food ingredients derived from bovine, ovine, and porcine sources. The use of specialized protein isolates has a long history at Standard Process. The first product based on a Protomorphogen™ brand extract was introduced in 1952 and contained bovine heart PMG™ extract.

Why do we start with protein isolates and organs? Because they are inherently different from skeletal muscle. They have more DNA per gram than skeletal muscle, different protein profiles, and different starting concentrations of vitamins and minerals. All raw specialized protein isolates are sourced from U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)-inspected facilities.

Protomorphogen™ Brand Extracts

Continuing the pioneering work of Dr. Royal Lee, certain Standard Process products contain specific Protomorphogen™ brand extracts. Protomorphogen™ brand extracts are specific materials extracted from specialized protein isolates and organs through a complex, multistep process to retain what Dr. Lee termed “cellular determinants.” Current laboratory methods have confirmed that Protomorphogen™ brand extracts contain nucleotides (the components of nucleic acids like RNA and DNA), and peptides (short chains of amino acids).

Cytosol™ Brand Extracts

Cytosol™ brand extracts are derived from the cytoplasm of selected organs and glands through a process similar to the Protomorphogen™ extraction process. However, these extracts contain their own unique profile of nucleotides and peptides.

Whole Desiccates

Whole desiccates are tissues that have been dried to provide the nutritional content of the organ in a concentrated form.


What are botanicals?

Botanicals are plants and plant extracts with health-supporting properties. Botanicals provide important constituents that contribute additional support to the body’s systems by complementing the vitamins, minerals, and tissue concentrates found in whole food ingredients.*


What are synthetic ingredients?

Synthetic ingredients are nutrients produced by chemical means. We know Dr. Lee included synthetics in his original formulas to meet label claims and/or enhance product effects. Historically and today, this type of ingredient is used selectively. Where synthetics appear, they have been added to protect the complexity and synergistic design of the formula.


The Standard Process approach to making supplements — from our whole food philosophy and our careful ingredient sourcing to our formulations and dedication to rigorous testing and safety — is framed in our commitment to quality, which is reflected in every step of our process.

“Quality from soil to supplement” is a commitment we take to heart during every step of the production process. Learn more about our commitment to quality and download an infographic of our Quality Control process here.